17 Extreme Body Modifications!

17 Extreme Body Modifications!

Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever! These unbelievable body mods, piercings, & tattoos are some of the strangest and craziest things in the world.

Bagel Head
This procedure termed bagel head, for obvious reasons, is often thought to have originated in Japan because it is more popular there but actually the phenomenon started in Canada in 2000 by performance artist named Jerome Abramovitch. 300 to 400cc’s of saline solution is slowly injected into the recipients head for two hours. The tissue becomes malleable and will hold shapes for a period of time so people press the thumb into it to give the “bagel” appearance. It doesn’t have to be done on the forehead and almost any part of the body can be inflated like this. The effect only lasts about 24 hours as the body slowly absorbs the saline solution.

Eyeball Jewelry
What you’re looking at is called eye jewelry. The eye belongs to Deborah Boer who had a platinum heart surgically placed in her eye in the Netherlands. The procedure is now being done in the United States in New York under the name SafeSight Jewelry and the procedure costs about $3000 and the jewelry is removable.
No reports yet of anyone putting a walnut, almond, or other nut in their eye.

Jenya Bolotov
Jenya Bolotov has spent the last 7 years trying to look like a platypus. He says as a child he was very quiet and shy and felt like he didn’t belong. He started stretching his lips at age 19 and he plans to keep stretching them throughout his life. He says it took bravery to do what he’s done and that he will keep modifying his body until he is happy.

xRonix name is Veronica and she describes herself as a transexual vegan from Poland...
(photos by Robert Millward - http://www.flickr.com/photos/devilskebab/)

Daniel Rutt
Daniel Rutt has very unusual piercing in that he had his achilles heel pierced. He gradually increased the size over time and got them as big as 16mm...

Kenny Wagner
Besides having his eyes tattooed black, Kenny Wagner has what are known as Dahlia cuts aka Glasgow smile aka Chelsea Smile aka Cheshire grin...

Daryl "Bear" Belmares
Daryl Belmares aka Bear aka Bear Big Ears born in 1956 has the worlds largest stretched ear lobes at 5 ½ inches (14cm ). Daryl appeared in the 2005 documentary “Modify”.

Joel Miggler
Joel Miggler is a young German man who has what are known as cheek tunnels...

Jesse Thornhill
Jesse Thornhill aka Jesse Star became famous when he was arrested for allegedly attempting to run over his Landlord and his mugshot became widely circulated. A few months later the charges were dismissed...

Elaine Davidson
Elaine Davidson is the most pierced person in the world having over 9,000 piercings.
Dennis Avner
At 10 years old Dennis Avner was given the name Stalking Cat by a native american medicine man...

Pauly Unstoppable
This is Pauly Unstoppable who was born in 1985. He says he grew up as a fat kid and weighed 280 lbs at one point and had difficulty being happy about his appearance. He started young having had his earlobes pierced by age 7. He pierced his penis at age 11 giving himself a prince albert. At age 15 he gave himself a meatotomy (mee a totomy) which for the laymen means he split the head of his own penis with a razor blade.
He often gets asked if the holes in his nose affect his breathing and he says he actually finds it easier to breath with his nose plugs in. He says when he sneezes or blow his nose he just covers his entire nose. Recently he changed his name to Farrah Flawless and is now legally a female and plans to undergo gender confirmation surgery.

Zygzag, also known as Fishmouth
This is Fishmaul aka Fishmouth aka Zygzag. There is not much information on Zygzag...

Kala Kaiwi
This is Kala Kaiwi. Not surprisingly Kala works as a tattoo artist and body modifier. He moved to Las Vegas as a Chef and got the opportunity to apprentice as a piercer and moved back to hawaii to open his own shop Sin City Body Modification and Tattoo...

Caim Mortis aka Caim Divell
Caim Mortis is known as the devil man of columbia...

Maria Jose Cristerna
A former lawyer Maria Jose Cristerna got her first tattoo when she was 14...

Henry Damon (red skull)
Say you loved comic books as a kid? Apparently not as much as Henry Damon a 37 year-old Venezuelan man who has had several procedures done in order to make himself look like the Marvel comic book character Red Skull who is the archenemy of Captain America. The character from the comic books is portrayed as a Nazi, and as a Venezuelan one has to imagine that Henry doesn’t embody that philosophy . Henry is married and is a father. His work was performed by Emilio Gonzalez who dropped out of medical school to concentrate on body modifications and who has performed many extreme body modifications. People have joked that he’s apparently willing to do everything to look like red skull but shave.