50+ Hilarious Conversations That People Overheard In New York And Decided Theyre Too Good Not To Share

When you live in the city, sometimes it’s impossible to hide your ears from private conversations. A fittingly named Instagram account called Overheard New York joins Overheard L.A., documenting some of the funniest things to be said in the streets.

“It started out as an accident,” the anonymous creator of the two accounts told VOGUE. He was sitting at Erewhon, a cult L.A. health market, when he couldn’t avoid a “long and absurd conversation between two girls” (it included vegan bistros, tanning, egg freezing, and pit bulls, all at the same time). After he posted the exchange on his personal Instagram page, it quickly became a hit among his contacts. Fast forward by a few similar posts and a screenwriter friend suggested he should create an individual account, dedicated to cataloging the eccentricities of L.A.’s population.

Eventually, the creator started taking submissions via e-mail and direct messages. “We get about 100 submissions a day.” After West Coast comedy account became viral, he started thinking about New York City. “I think people who follow the L.A. page see 10 percent of themselves, but it feels more like fantasy land. Whereas I think New York feels more real. I think it’s a little more harsh; it has a little bit more of an attitude. I think you would read those posts and think they’re funny and relatable.”

Scroll down to check out the funny conversations, upvote your favorites and let us know if you think they represent the locals appropriately!

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