Aaron Carter Is All Smiles & Feeling ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ After Tumultuous Year

Aaron Carter

isn’t letting 2017 get the best of him.

As you know, the 30-year-old hit a seriously rough patch over the last year after his father died and he was arrested for alleged DUI and pot possession. He also tackled his eating disorder in rehab, gaining a healthy 60 pounds as a result.

Stopping by The Real on Thursday, the former child star gave an update on his well-being and mental health.

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He shared:

“You know, I’m feeling very cautiously optimistic. I learned a lot of things from last year. It was a very exhilarating year, full of good things, good times and then trials and tribulations. My dad passed away last year…I kind of went on a downward spiral.”

The I Want Candy singer went on to say that he’s learned “to put myself first and to really truly love myself and be comfortable of what I see in the mirror”:

“Last year, I got so stressed out from all kind of miscellaneous things. I went down to like a 115 pounds and then I went to a treatment center and I came out 160 pounds.”

Good for him!

Aaron is maintaining his health by “surrounding myself with positivity and focusing on the good things and not on a hater on social media”:

“It’s so funny how one person can get under your skin.”

And while he’s not interacting with trolls, Nick Carter‘s brother said he does entertain phone calls from random fans by occasionally tweeting out his phone number (which he changes every six days):

“I actually do it every once in a while. I think it’s very hilarious to do. They call me, they FaceTime me from all different countries and sometimes they can’t even speak English…I will literally spend hours doing it. We grew up in the world without social media, so this connection, I feel like, on a cellphone, it feels more real. It doesn’t feel like we’re hiding behind anything.”

Do you!

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