Apple AirPower wireless charging pad expected to release any day now

One pad to charge them all.
Image: apple

The wait for Apple’s 3-in-1 AirPower wireless charging pad that can charge an iPhone 8 or X, Apple Watch, and AirPods all at once may soon be over.

Rumors that surfaced last month suggest the AirPower charging pad could launch sometime in March, and now, DigiTimes is backing up those claims with some evidence of its own.

According to DigiTimes, AirPower will launch “by the end of March” and suppliers have already begun ramping up production for a “glass passivated package” (also called a “GPP bridge rectifier”), a key component of the wireless charging pad. 

DigiTimes also claims the AirPower will have a maximum wireless charging output of 29-watts. To put that into perspective, wireless chargers for the iPhone 8 and X only have a maximum output of 7.5-watts. 

How this breaks down for actual charging is unclear. Will the max charging output be split equally between all three devices? Or will you be able to, say, charge up an iPhone X faster if there’s no Apple Watch or AirPods on the pad simultaneously? 

Apple hasn’t shared any new details on the AirPower since it was announced way back in September. More concerning might be the price of the thing: It’s rumored to cost $200, which is kind of pricey if you ask us. 

Additionally, to wirelessly charge AirPods, users will need to buy a new wireless-equipped case that’ll cost $69, further adding to the cost of Apple’s wireless charging system.

And if the cost wasn’t enough, a new report suggests wireless charging your iPhone wears out the battery’s health faster than using a good old-fashioned cable.

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Apple - AirPower Wireless Charging Pad

AirPower begins to charge your Apple products (wireless supported) almost as soon as they are placed on the mat.
Only iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will be charged with AirPower. The iPads as of Sep-17 are not compatible with AirPower.
Apple Watch 3, Series 2, the Original Apple Watch are compatible with AirPower.