‘ARMS’ is bringing the fighting game genre to Switch in a bizarre way and we’re here for it

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ARMS is more than just a 1v1 boxing game with spring-armed fighters.

Nintendo dug into its Switch-exclusive fighting game ARMS in a Nintendo Direct video last night, revealing a ton of ways players can customize their fighters with different boxing gloves, unique game modes, and three new fighters.

You can check out the entire 23-minute video below:

Fighter customization

Fighters in ARMS each have their own unique talents and abilities, including being able to hover, disappear momentarily, or restore their health. You can also customize favorite fighters’ fists with unique boxing gloves that come with their own effects like stunning, blinding, or freezing an opponent after charging up.

Like picking your favorite racing kart, each arm has a specific weight: light, medium, or heavy.

Image: nintendo

If your arm is the same weight as an opponent’s, you can block each other’s punches mid-swing. If your arm is heavier, it will move slower but can push past your opponent’s punch to land a hit.

Game modes

There are a handful of game modes in ARMS, including a standard 1v1 Fight mode, a 2v2 Team Fight mode (where you and your ally are linked together by a string), and some more unique modes: V-Ball, Hoops, Skillshot, and 1-on-100.

V-Ball is like a mix between volleyball punching a ball over a net to try to hit your opponent’s floor and hot potato the ball explodes.

Image: nintendo

Hoops is like basketball but instead of trying to put a ball into your opponent’s basket, you grab your opponent and slam them into their basket. Much more aggressive and humiliating than normal basketball.


Skillshot tasks you with punching targets that move across a something like a gun range, except you have an opponent on the other side who is also smashing those targets and trying to hit you.

Image: Nintendo

The single-player mode 1-on-100 is a time trial where you have to take down 100 enemies as fast as possible. Don’t worry, though, each enemy goes down in one hit.

For those interested in getting competitive with ARMS, the game features an online ranked mode where you can fight against real-life opponents to take your spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Try it yourself

Image: nitnendo

If you’re interested in testing the game out before launch, Nintendo is doing two global “testpunch” weekends in North America. The first is May 26 to 28, and the second is June 2 to 4.

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ARMS Direct 5.17.2017

Here’s everything you need to know about ARMS! ARMS launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on June 16. Check out more information here: http://arms.nintendo.com/

0:05 - ARMS Lore
1:35 - ARMS 101
3:14 - Fighters Pt. 1
3:25 - Spring Man
4:19 - Mechanica
5:15 - Ninjara
6:13 - Master Mummy
7:11 - Kid Cobra
8:08 - Versus Mode
8:22 - Fight Mode
8:34 - Team Fight
8:53 - V-Ball
9:09 - Hoops
9:25 - Skillshot
9:39 - 1-on-100
9:49 - ARMS Test & Training
10:04 - Get New ARMS
10:44 - Fighters Pt. 2
10:48 - Ribbon Girl
11:44 - Min Min
12:40 - Helix
13:37 - Byte & Barq
14:42 - Twintelle
15:44 - ARMS Fighting Combinations
16:04 - Battle Modes
16:10 - Grand Prix
16:31 - Party Match
17:11 - Ranked Match
17:43 - Local (Wireless) Multiplayer
18:12 - Free Updates
18:35 - ARMS Global Testpunch
20:08 - Splatoon 2 - Single Player Trailer

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