Duelyst – Tactical Combat! – Let’s Play Duelyst Gameplay – Sponsored

Duelyst - Tactical Combat! - Let's Play Duelyst Gameplay - Sponsored

Welcome to Duelyst! Duelyst the "Ultimate Collectible Tactics Game". The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer battles.
Check out Duelyst: https://bit.ly/duelystfun

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Duelyst Gameplay Overview:

Duelyst is a tactical turn-based strategy game with a heavy focus on ranked competitive play, brought to you by veteran developers and creators from Diablo III, Rogue Legacy, and the Ratchet & Clank series.

The focus is on squad-based combat on a tactical map with fast-paced multiplayer 1v1 battles where victory comes from defeating your opponent's General. At launch, there will be five unique factions with a roster of 100+ battle units and spells.

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Duelyst Gameplay Features:

- Customize Your Battle Squad: Select from a roster of 100+ battle units and spells, each with different stats and abilities that interact in unique ways during combat. No squad or battle will play out the same.

- Skill-Based Tactical Combat: The emphasis is on unit positioning, understanding your squad's capabilities, anticipating your opponent, and maintaining board control. At it's core, it's a tactical tabletop board game without all the manual math calculations.

- Competitive Multiplayer: Find equally matched players to play head-to-head anytime in Ranked Normal or Ranked Draft mode on various competitive tiers.

- Short Sessions: Each game session is designed to be played in less than 30 minutes, so players can engage in competitive skill-based games without investing hours towards a single session.

- Unlockables: Winning multiplayer matches and completing objectives in Single Player will unlock new battle units, spells, and alternate skins. Every battle unit and spell is earned by spending time playing the game.

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Want more information for Duelyst? Check out these links:

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=237188187

Play Duelyst Free: https://duelyst.com/

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Special thanks to the developers for sponsoring this video and sending me some spirit orbs to help build a deck!

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