Full day of eating vlog – warrior diet

Full day of eating vlog - warrior diet

Learn the way I eat one meal a day with warrior diet, and to enjoy the flexibility of eating what you want when you are traveling and with friends and family.

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Have you been told to eat certain types of food to burn belly fat? This video is just for you!

I grew up with low self esteem, zero confidence, and self hated myself...Now I am stronger, more motivated, determined and focused then ever.
Stereotypes are a huge story and the beginning of my fitness journey and where I am. I am certain I can help you break through...

Kevin Kreider is a fitness activist and lifestyle coach who helps people restore their confidence so you can live life on your terms.
He believes in physical, social, and mental change because it’s for the better good.

Bio : Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science
Nutrition Coach and certified through Precision Nutrition
IFPA Pro in Men’s Physique
Model with agencies such as Ford, Wilhelmina, and Elite appearing in magazines such as Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness
Graduated from the Maggie Flanigan Studio in 2013

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