Health Department Official Shares Post Saying Forefathers Would Have ‘Hung’ Obama

A political appointee at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services shared a social network post last year evoking lynchings, saying that America’s forefathers would have “hung” Barack Obama — and Hillary Clinton — for treason.

Ximena Barreto shared tweet archive via CNN
This was the post shared last year by Ximena Barreto, who now is deputy director of communications at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The post by Ximena Barreto revealed Friday by CNN. Barreto was named deputy director of communications by the Trump administration in December. At the time she was a fringe right-wing political blogger who called herself “Republican Chick.” She also co-hosted for a time a YouTube show called “The Right View by Deplorable Latinas.”

Barreto was suspended Monday after Media Matters first reported Barretto’s posted support for the fake Pizzagate conspiracy theory, which accused Clinton and other top Democrats of running a child sex ring from a pizza shop in Washington, D.C. 

Media Matters also reported Barreto’s posts or commentaries calling Islam a “fucking cult,” slamming last year’s Women’s March as “retarded” and saying blacks were “way more” racist than whites. Barreto “has been placed on administrative leave while the matter is reviewed,” a representative of HHS told Media Matters.

CNN also discovered anti-Semitic attacks in Barreto’s @RepublicanChick account that claimed Obama is controlled by billionaire Democratic donor George Soros and French President Emmanuel Macron is controlled by the Rothschild family.

CNN/Republican Chick screengrab

She also called Obama a “Muslim terrorist” and a “pansy” in posts found by CNN.

Check out an episode of “The Right View by Deplorable Latinas” above. She urges listeners to put “all of our efforts into Pizzagate and not let that one die because that’s what the mainstream media is trying to get distracted from.”

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