Here’s what the iPhone’s battery health setting will look like

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In iOS 11.3, Apple’s promising a new feature that’ll let iPhone users see information on their battery health. It’ll also let users turn off the feature that slows down performance on older iPhones with deteriorating batteries.

And now we know what the much-talked about battery setting will look like when it arrives this spring, thanks to an early look from iOS 11.3 developer beta 2.

The feature is still in beta, so more controls may be added before iOS 11.3 releases for the public. But at the moment, there are two features.

The first setting shows your iPhone battery’s health. On our new iPhone 8, the battery is 100 percent healthy. An iPhone with an older battery with more discharged charge cycles will display a lower percentage, indicating it can’t be used as long.

What the new battery health information setting looks like in iOS 11.3 on iPhone 8

Image: screenshot: raymond Wong/mashable

Here’s an iPhone 7 Plus with a lower battery health.

Image: Screenshot: karissa bell/mashable

The second setting shows “Peak Performance Capability.” This indicates whether your iPhone’s battery can sustain peak performance or not. If it can, it’ll truck along with normal performance and you shouldn’t notice any slowdown. But if your iPhone can’t sustain peak performance because of an aged battery, it’ll presumably say so here, and you’ll then be able to turn off any throttling by tapping it.

Apple has been trying to dig itself out of a huge hole after it was discovered that it had intentionally slowed older iPhones down. Despite apologizing, the company has defended the throttling, saying it only did so in order to prevent iPhones with old batteries from randomly shutting down. 

To make things right for iPhone users, Apple’s discounted its out-of-warranty battery replacements from $79 to $29. iOS 11.3, with the battery health info and power optimization switch, will also help iPhone users better understand what’s happening with their devices.

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