HGH vs IGF: how long until see effects

HGH vs IGF: how long until see effects

Mr. Mexico and I discuss the effects of hgh and igf: how long does it take to feel it.
I will be posting many more HGH videos now that I have a group of experts that are willing to contribute their personal experience, scientific, and professional data.
This video is specifically how an experienced weightlifter who has experimented with both HGH and IGF interprets his personal body's response to HGH and IGF so it helps people compare how much faster the effects of IGF are felt, but that HGH is still very effective it just takes longer probably because people generally use such low doses of HGH due to it costing about 10x as much as IGF for the same effect.

Disclaimer: HGH is a prescription medication in some countries. Do not use without doctor supervision and prescription. This is for entertainment not as medical advice.


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