Horse Person (Amazing Song)

Horse Person (Amazing Song)

It took me a while to finish this one, thanks for your patience, and thanks again everyone who made a suggestion!

Out here in our space Winnebago
We'll fly into a cosmic tornado
Systems failing we're on a collision course
But it's fine cause this planet's inhabited by
HORSE ... people.

They surround me, galloping grandly
They take me in, treat me like family
It's fortunate and I should probably mention
I still had my suit from the furry convention

Let's skim the grease off of their backs
We'll make organic candles.
You scrape the calluses off their feet
We'll turn them into sandals

Sparkling manes flowing in the breeze
Their natural milk produces interesting cheese
Musky odors and carrot juice bars
The best nutrition in all of the stars...

The winnebago was left in shatters
But right now that's not what really matters
This nice planet is where i'd like to stay
But then i realize the only ice cream flavor is hay ...yuck

Ancient prophecies foretold my arrival
But the hot horse princess was in denial.
She wanted something that I couldn't offer...

With some bridles and straps, a swig of peppermint schnapps
The shining horse king, suits up and offers to fling
The winnebago towards a new galaxy,
Escape this equestrian insanity

Looking back sadly in their direction
My gaze returned a different reflection
Along with a brand new gigantic e*******
I found that I was now a HORSE... person!

Lyrics written by: Leigh Turnbull, bigtasty67, ObeyBunny, Shalor93, Kaiser Crimson , Mono, Justin Bellini, ATMurdoch97, Iori Minase, SexuaLobster