Learn English in Canada: Study at ILSC Toronto


Learn English in Canada: Study at ILSC Toronto

http://www.ilsc.ca/ilsc-toronto.aspx -- Discover Toronto, the largest city in Canada and the heart of the nation’s business and cultural life. This vibrant metropolis is the most multicultural city on the planet with more than 100 different cultural groups. Set on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario, Toronto is a city of neighbourhoods, each with its own rich history and unique charm and character.

ILSC-Toronto is located in the centre of downtown. It’s close to major transit hubs, parks, shopping, restaurants and so much more. Your days will be filled with new experiences and adventures in this cosmopolitan playground. ILSC Toronto’s exciting and varied programs will help you achieve your goals. Our dedicated and friendly teachers & staff will make sure your journey is fun-filled and enlightening. Come join us and experience ILSC-Toronto.


Video transcript:
Toronto is really big and there are a lot of interesting people, I like Toronto. Toronto is multicultural so we can meet people from other countries. The city is very modern, it’s amazing. I like everything here. Toronto’s downtown is really amazing. It seems that it never stops. There is always people around and always something to do, I really like it. The location is pretty great. It’s downtown. There are a lot of restaurants, bakeries, cafés. It’s next to the subway, the Eaton Centre. I’ve improved a lot because the classes here are very dynamic. You can choose many programs like business classes, communication and so on. So they have many opportunities to improve your English skills and your professional skills. I Iike the fact that the classes are very small so the teacher can focus on your weakness points and make you really improve. They are so kind and they are trying to understand our English. It’s also nice because I meet different cultures, different ways, styles. It’s simply amazing. I improved my grammar, speaking and reading skills. When I came to Toronto, for the first time, I couldn’t speak English. ILSC is well established and well known in Toronto. It’s one of the best schools here. If you want to go to the big city you can go to Toronto. I you want to have a really interesting experience in your life you can go to ILSC. If you want to combine the two things: studying English and seeing a nice city, well, Toronto is just the place for you!