Playboy Toyride. Episode 1 Playboy TV Swing Favorites

Playboy Toyride. Episode 1 Playboy TV Swing Favorites

Playboy Toyride features your favorites from Playboy TV Swing - Nikki & Daniel. See them here:

Nikki & Daniel have a brand new series out which started at the end of April 2017. There will be 10 episodes in this season, so make sure you subscribe to see these episodes plus all the latest from Playboy TV.

In this series called Playboy Toyride, Nikki & Daniel from Playboy Swing take you across the USA as they go on the look out for the best and newest, and most exciting innovations in adult sex toys. They never know where they are going or who they will end up meeting along the way, so that's why you must watch each and every episode of Playboy TV Toyride to see what they get up to.

They will meet some new friends and catch up with many old friends along the way. In this first episode they see Al & Sparkle who were from Playboy Swing Season 3. You can see more of Al & Sparkle and their extremely hot, unedited episode of Swing here:

That was their first episode and their first meeting with Nikki & Daniel and Al & Sparkle became regulars on the show.

So Nikki & Daniel go to visit Luscious Playthings to see how adult glass toys are made. They even have a try at making the toys themselves, but in the end they leave it to the expert.

They are presented with their own toys to take away and later that evening they catch up with their old friends Al & Sparkle and put the toys to good use. Of course this is just a warm up - a little foreplay and eventually Nikki makes the statement we are all waiting for, which was "Ok. Now sex!" Great call Nikki! We agree!

So of course the 4 of them have another extremely hot couple swap right there on the couch! Just as hot as the first time we saw the 4 of them swap on Playboy Swing season 3 episode 7. So click this link to see more of Nikki & Daniel and their meeting with Al & Sparkle -

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