This Indiegogo hit can give anyone (seriously, anyone) a green thumb

A greenhouse in every sense of the word.
Image: ADI ventures

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The EcoQube Air is a desktop greenhouse that will brighten your space — and maybe even your mood, too. 

This lovable Indiegogo hit is more than just a planter though: perfect for those without a green thumb, it is ridiculously easy to keep alive. Use the app to schedule everything from the amount of light your plant needs to the weather functionality. 

Surrounding yourself with plants has numerous positive benefits, from filtering the air and relieving stress, to helping with concentration and productivity. The EcoQube features a Smart LED light that not only helps your plant friend grow but could also keep you happy through the dark and stormy months when daylight is at a minimum. Program EcoQube to gradually wake you up every morning with an artificial sunrise—take that, February.

Pick up an EcoQube for 26 percent off right now. There are limited quantities, so be sure to grab it while you can.

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EcoQube Air -- Indoor Hydroponics Greenhouse & Air Purifier

Meet the EcoQube Air.
The hydroponics greenhouse for your home or office.

EcoQube Air grows plants, filters your air with a HEPA-type air filter (inspired by Tesla), and has full-spectrum customizable LED grow lights.

You can customize the lighting for aesthetic purposes or to affect the plants you grow. These strong LEDs allow your plants to grow in any season, during any time of the year. Perfect for any space, no matter what the lighting is like.

You control the settings through the EcoQube app and can set watering cycles based on what your plant needs. No more forgetting to water your plants, EcoQube does this for you. Just refill the water reservoir as needed.

Originally from Kickstarter, EcoQube Air is now available on Amazon.