Transformers 1-Step Robot Toys & Rescue Bots Dinobots Toy Review

Transformers 1-Step Robot Toys & Rescue Bots Dinobots Toy Review

Transformers toys are amazing. See a whole range of simple to transform 1-step Transformer toys which transform in a matter of seconds. They are perfect for the younger Transformers fans and as you will see in this video my 5 year old son loves them. See my previous video about the massive Optimus Prime Rescue Trailer & Rescue Bots toys.

Transformers Optimus Prime Rescue Bots Vs Dinosaur Train Attack

The missing Boulder The Construction bot is found and it's an amazing looking toy. I also cover a question about a knock off Optimus Prime which is shown in this video.

Transformers Dark Side Knock Off Toys Ep 1 Age Of Extinction Blending & Wrecking Toy Revenge

Transformers Dinobots look amazing and I my son loves the Optimus Prime (T-Rex) and Bumblebee (Raptor) toys which are well designed and so easy to transform. The magical one step Transformers toys also get a unboxing review, see Grimlock, Autobot Hound, Dinobot Slash, Crosshairs, Lockdown and Bumblebee. Designed for children 5 and up these Transformers toys have a great vehicle / robot / dinobot / dinosaur look and can transform very simply. These one step toys are based on characters seen in the Transformers film Age of Extinction. These toys are tough and very well designed, but do come at a fairly high price.

Just prior to Christmas 2014 I noticed some top shelf Transformers toys on clearance sale. It was the Tomy Takara Platinum Optimus Prime and Gaia Unicorn. Put it this way they were halved in price but was it a good bargain? Real licensed Transformers toys tend to be very expensive at the best of times have I picked up something really special?

Sorry if I can't tell an Autobot from a Decepticon, I dare say the audience will correct all the mistakes in the video 🙂

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