Video Interview on adidas’ new Marketing Campaign ‘Sport 15’

Video Interview on adidas’ new Marketing Campaign ‘Sport 15’

adidas has now launched the first in what will be a long-term series of films – Sport 15 – designed to appeal to sports enthusiasts all over the world. In this Video you’ll get exclusive insights into the brand communication efforts of adidas, shared by no-one less than Ryan Morlan, Vice President Brand Communications at adidas. It’s a must for anyone with an interest in state-of-the-art marketing.

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00:00 – 00:06 Ryan Morlan, Vice President Brand Communications at adidas, defines the brand’s role in sports
00:06 - 00:32 Learn why we believe that sport happens in moments and why every moment is the chance for you to do the impossible.
00:32 – 00:54 Understand how this key insight is brought to live through the series of films that adidas is starting to roll out in February 2015.
00:54 – 01:16 ‘Sport 15’ is not a campaign. It is a long-term investment into the brand with relentless levels of communications from adidas about sport.
01:16 – 02:06 Ryan explains which role the different marketing and communications channels take, what the key thought behind this strategy is and why the new and global adidas Newsrooms are at the heart of this roll-out.
02:06 – 02-55 Ryan shares some personal insights into what drives him, what he likes most about the campaign and why he personally believes in the success of ‘Sport 15’.

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