Whoopi Goldberg Isn’t Mad At Bill Maher For Saying The N-Word But Not Everyone On The View Agrees!

Are you white and longing for the freedom to say the n-word without social backlash? Don’t worry — Whoopi Goldberg has your back!

On Monday’s The View, the panel discussed the recent controversy that came after Bill Maher used a certain word on Real Time last Friday.

The comedian jokingly labeled himself a “House n*****” after Republican Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse invited him to work in the fields of his state, but most social media users weren’t laughing — some even called for the removal of Maher’s HBO show.

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While a few of The View cohosts admitted they couldn’t separate the word from it’s nasty history, Whoopi had NO problem with Maher’s casual utterance.

Why? Because she thinks we should strip the n-word of its power once and for all!

Do U agree? Watch the clip (below) to see what the comedienne and her co-panelists have to say about the controversy!

Despite offending many, it looks like Bill’s misfire won’t stop him from making more jokes this summer.

TMZ reports that none of the shows have been cancelled from his Summer comedy tour — and we don’t think he plans on cleaning up his act!

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