You will not believe how openly this FPS steals from ‘Overwatch’

They say imitation is the best form of flattery, but honestly: this particular case might be pushing it.

The Chinese mobile FPS Ying Xiong Shi Ming which translates to Hero Mission in English is Overwatch. It’s not “similar to” Overwatch or “inspired by” Overwatch or anything like that; it’s basically just Overwatch, with a hefty helping of bonus copyright infringement sprinkled in.

The heroes all riff on (or overtly reproduce) the ones from Blizzard’s game. The maps draw on both the art and the physical makeup of Overwatch maps. Even the iconography health packs, control points, etc. is nearly identical.

Unlockable hero skins the biggest dangling carrot Overwatch offers go a step further. The Hanzo-like (who looks a bit like Hawkeye in his default skin) can be Rambo or an Assassin’s Creed dude. Other skins resemble Star Wars Stormtroopers, Metal Gear‘s Solid Snake, and more. By default, not-Roadhog looks like Mad Max‘s Immortan Joe.

Is the game any good, though? Hard to say. Looking like Overwatch is one thing, but playing like it what with all the work Blizzard does to keep things balanced is another matter entirely.

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Hero Mission - CBT Open Game Play - (Overwatch Mobile Version)

3. CBT 【Test time】2017
June 23 - June 30

"Hero mission" for the first time to delete the file test time:
March 25 - March 27, every night 18:30 -22 points 30 minutes

The activation code has been released, did not grab the activation code players can pay attention to WeChat announcement No. yxsmfm attention to listen to the next test message ~

during the test, the player through the Q group, the official forum, TapTap forum to feedback to our game questions and suggestions , we will adjust the impact of the player to adjust the experience of the problem, and open as soon as possible A round of testing.

"Hero mission" using the first person in the form of shooting performance, full-time picture with the engine from the effort to build the gun battle rival. Providing a variety of heroic skills to bring you a very high free experience, and further enhance the action Moba and the unique shooting play, with other games to provide the difference between the fun of the fighting experience, more unique air combat, only for the most love You are hoping you will love!
Here, please also allow us to briefly introduce the "heroic mission" their own characteristics:

1, "hero mission" is used in many areas of integration, the global real-time intelligent matching system, anytime, anywhere match opponents, fast and efficient game mode, smooth! And the rhythm faster, kill even more cool, 5 minutes to get started, 5 minutes a bureau, easy to kill 20;

2, the game added a number of maps with Chinese characteristics, heroes, and now has joined the Shenzhen Science and Technology Park scene and Xiao Li Flying And other characteristics of the hero, expect you in the comments inside to give friendly advice, and perhaps the next hero is from your proposal;

3, we are committed to creating the most fair game, do not run the gun to sell the properties of krypton gold old routine , More charges from the personalized skin of the pay, the game itself free of


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